yup. it's 3 frickin 30

I have been up way, way too late. Not entirely necessary, I suppose, but once I got my second wind I couldn't stop.

So my syllabi are done, are posted on my website and in WebCT. All the supplemental readings are scanned and loaded into WebCT. Didn't finish the syllabi in time to xerox them today -- hence the late night posting. So I'll just have to xerox them tomorrow. I should know by now that I always, always wind up writing them at the last possible minute, because I keep changing things around, especially if it's a new course.

I'm psyched about my two new courses. Enough so that the adrenaline has kept me up past my usual hour. And to think that a day ago I was making a plan that I would go to bed by 1:00 every night. ha!

9 hours til I teach my first class.

how many hours til I wake up? how many hours before I actually wind down and fall asleep?