my two seconds of fame

I got an email today from someone letting me know that the online component of the Utne Reader had quoted and linked to my blog, in an article discussing how various media were treating the question of Susan Sontag's sexuality.

I don't check my referrer stats every single day, so I hadn't yet realized about the link. Since Sontag's death, however, I had been getting a couple of hits every few days related to my post. In the past week or so, however, the so-called "alternative media" has been questioning the way that Sontag's earliest memorials were written so as to erase or elide questions of sexuality. My blog used to be on the first page of google results (for Sontag+Leibowitz+lesbian); now it's much further down (where, depends on your exact search terms). So it seems a little strange to be cited. But I'm not complaining. That' s my two seconds of blogosphere publicity, right there.