attempting to leave the house

Yeah, well, the title must be misleading, since I'm writing this. But in my mind, I'm almost out the door to go to my office at school for the first time in 2005. I have two Australian friends who always spoke of when they were at "uni" -- which sounds so much better than saying "I have to go to school now." Or "the office." One makes me sound 6 years old, the other makes it seem as though I'm so corporate or something. And neither are true. But since I don't have a charming Australian accent, I'm not sure I can get away with saying "uni." (except maybe here on my blog, where you have no idea what I sound like anyway)

It's really not that bad, what I'm supposed to do today at uni.
  • take a ton (well, ok, 50 pounds?) of books back to the library
  • start planning/writing my syllabi
  • research criticism on the new texts I'm teaching for the first time
  • probably go and get books from the library
  • catch up on administrivia
  • purge last semester's teaching files, set up this semester's.
I have two new courses, and I've been getting kind of pumped up about them. But today I'm really dragging. Slept hard, and have felt fuzzy-headed all morning.

OK, I'm really going now. Really.