the house of les pauvres choux

"Pauvre chou" is one of the French expressions my parents used when I was growing up -- literally, it means "poor little cabbage" but it's used to mean "feeling yucky," "poor thing." It's an endearing term for someone who's feeling kind of punk. (and not in the sex pistols sense, nor the pejorative sense currently noted in Jimbo's taxonomy.)

Anyway, I think that describes all of us tonight. I had a good day out at a yoga thing, but now I have the beginnings of a migraine coming on. (Not yoga related, I don't think. More my damned female hormones.) Gf is also suffering from the female condition. One of the dogs threw up on the bedspread -- looks like she'd eaten grass on purpose to make herself throw up, which maybe means she ate something nasty at the park. Other dog is acting clingy and anxious.

It's time to throw on sweat pants and lie around on the couch. All of us. Well, the dogs don't need sweat pants. But they are happy to watch movies anyway.

UPDATE 10:45 pm: migraine forestalled...ibuprofen and caffeine did the trick. Did not accomplish any of the Unpleasant Tasks I Ought to be Doing, however. I blame the internet. Am calling the evening a wash and will get up early tomorrow to Face the Crap. Hey, it'll be Sunday, my least favorite day of the week. Might as well make it really sucky.