my first day

My first day went well, I think. I like my undergrads, although there are lots of new names to learn. A lot of male students -- maybe a third, maybe almost half the course -- which in English is somewhat rare. The bookstore is having problems with getting some of the books I ordered, including (of course) the first novel we're going to read...and despite several phone calls, the textbook manager never called me back. First thing tomorrow I'll be on the phone with her, and trying to figure out what to do if the books aren't going to be here. I hate having to violate historical order just because of the bookstore.

I'm tired now, after finishing my last class. I seem to be acquiring a weird pain in my upper jaw -- I've had some congestion in that ear for a couple of days and maybe it's affecting the sinus/jaw? My wisdom teeth were removed many years ago, so it's not that. I'm hoping it's just tiredness and not some evil tooth or gum problem (which would be unlikely as I have a clean record in that department, but I suppose there's a first time for everything). I just looked in the mirror that I keep in my desk -- couldn't see anything in my mouth, of course, but my skin looked awfully strange. I'm hoping that's the lighting and not a rash. What on earth is happening? I must flee my office before my body completely falls apart.

Some weird scenes from my day:
At the copier, 3 or 4 faculty in line. Old Critter starts talking to Middle-Aged Slacker, complaining that he has to fill out a grade change form for a student because she got married, changed her name, and he didn't recognize it on the sheet, so he gave her a W for the course instead of a grade. He told the story several times, repeating "this is the fourth time in my career that this has happened. They get married and change their name. I just tell them now, "Ladies, if you get married, don't change your name. You don't want your first husband's name on your diploma anyway. Make daddy proud of you instead."

About 7 pm, on a pee break from my graduate class. An obviously lost undergrad stops me and plaintively asks where M102 was. I explained this wasn't "M" building, and told him how to get there. "But isn't this the English building?" he asked several times. I said well, yes, but not all English classes were held here. He is much perplexed. But as I direct him out the appropriate exit he says "nice piercing by the way -- it looks really cute on you." ???

I ask my students to fill out index cards on the first day with their email addresses and other basic info. I also ask that if they have any special needs that they note them on the card (learning disabilities, etc). One guy wrote "Just to get an A. j/k!" Not in a million years would I have ever made a "joke" with a professor on the first day. Especially one that is really just blatant pleading or posturing. (The same guy indicated he was an English major but noted "I'm not really very good at it.")

OK, must flee the office. I feel weird but I'm sure it's from breathing stale air all day.