not yet caffeinated

Well, I'm finally out of bed, after multiple attempts to fully wake up. I've been only semi-asleep since about 5:00. My goal was to get up at 7:00, so I thought that being half awake would make that easier. But no.....I've been running a sleep debt, it's a cold morning, and both dogs were sleeping on me. That makes it really hard to get up. (G grumbled like a teenager whenI finally got out of bed, leaving gf and the dogs all nestled up.)

Anyway, I'm up. The coffee is dripping. I have at least an hour's worth of primary reading to do for my class today, plus an hour or so of skimming some secondary stuff, maybe a hour to write my teaching notes. Have to squeeze in 30 minutes for sweet talking one of the staff to print me an updated roster (we don't have access to the enrollment system) and then assigning students to groups for their group projects.

Plus showering/dressing and driving to campus. So basically every minute between now and when I teach is already spoken for. I hate that. But it tends to be the way I work on teaching days, rather than prepping fully the day before. I do usually aim to have the reading done beforehand, and I could have/should have over the weekend. But I didn't. And I'll just have to deal with it.

What works about doing all the prep on my teaching day (I teach afternoons and evenings, so that's feasible) is that it keeps it limited. Otherwise I tend to over prepare, which isn't good for my teaching or my time management. And it also means that when I walk into the classroom, all my ideas are flowing about the material, since I've already been thinking about it for a couple of hours.

What isn't so good about it is that even though I know it works pretty well for me, I still get a little bit of adrenaline/anxiety (which is probably useful since I'm gearing up to perform)...what if I don't get the reading done? (I can fake it) What if I can't think of anything to say in the time I have to prepare? (hasn't happened yet) What if I can't get out of bed on time? (then I just have to prepare more efficiently). I suspect all of that is also part of my teaching process, too.