miscellaneous thoughts

For the past several nights I've had dreams involving packing -- needing to pack for a trip, being somewhere and not having packed the right things, needing to get my suitcase that's in some other location, etc. I guess this means my subconscious is getting ready for the semester. Last night's somehow involved a beach that was run by the University of Chicago, and not having the right sunscreen. Weird. Unfortunately I don't have very good dream recall, so that's all I know.

Thursday is hereby declared Date Night for the semester. My gf and I have been trying to figure out what this semester's routine will look like -- who walks the dogs which nights, who's working when, etc. And we're going to try and go to the movies on Thursday nights. Which, since it's the end of my teaching week, makes a nice transition from teaching focus to writing focus over the weekend. We're leaving in 6 minutes to see Cachorro (Bearcub).

Tried my first new recipe of the year tonight -- a vegan Mattar Paneer (using tofu instead of
cheese). It was pretty good, though it needs some tweaking. (Also some of my curry spices were kind of old which might have been the problem.)