housecleaning tips, anyone?

So I spent nearly the whole day super-cleaning our house. Not just the basic sweeping and stuff, but pulling out the furniture, cleaning the baseboards, steam-cleaning the couch, etc etc. Intensive, once-in-a-while type cleaning. So now I'm pleasantly worn out, and the house is in great shape. (The yard still needs some dealing with, but I did the bare minimum out there. Will try to get to that next weekend.)

But as I was working on this today I was mulling over various plans to streamline the cleaning chores. Most of my adult life, I've done most of the weekly chores all in one afternoon, either Saturday or Sunday. For a while back when I lived by myself, I set up a system where I would do a little bit every day, so as to avoid the dreariness of spending all of Saturday cleaning. And as I remember, it worked well for a few weeks, but the habit didn't stick. I'm considering trying it again -- on the idea that 30 minutes a day (not counting laundry, food prep/cleanup) wouldn't be SO awful. And might certainly be better than 3-4 hours on one day.

So, any of you have cleaning schedules you're proud of and want to share? FlyLady is full of enthusiastic cleaning routines, but her site is really aimed at people whose main focus is taking care of a home and kids. That's not me. I'm just looking for the 7 Habits of Highly Effective House Cleaners, or some such thing. How to streamline in a way that makes sense.

I figure right now is the time to start a new daily cleaning habit, since the house is in fairly good shape. It should be easier to maintain that cleanliness if I just jump in this week, rather than waiting a whole week to do any further cleaning. Right?