catching up

um...where did the week go? I can't believe it's already Thursday night. Usually that means it's my day off tomorrow, but not this week. I have to be on campus for a meeting, so I figure I might as well take care of other crap at the office tomorrow too.

GF is still horribly sick, hacking cough, fever, joint aches, headache. virus? "the flu"? I don't think it matters much either way, since the treatment is going to be the same. I have been trying to stay as far away from her germs as possible, which is difficult to manage in our little tiny house. Have washed my hands a bezillion times, have been changing and washing all towels, dishcloths, etc twice a day, and I slept out on the couch last night. So far I actually feel OK, though of course I keep overthinking every little thing...was that a little throat tickle? was that a cough? am I feeling OK?

I have been advising dissertation-writing students the past two weeks on various matters, and am feeling a serious need to start taking my own advice. It's so much easier to figure out what someone else's writing issue, psychological block, or organizational problem might be. So to avoid being a total hypocrite, I have to get my ass really and truly in gear.

Films I have seen in the past couple of weeks:
  • In Good Company - - Dennis Quaid is excellent as the middle-aged guy displaced at work by the 26 year old, and also struggling to let his daughter be an adult. It's also about the 26 year old trying to grow up. It's sort of a chick flick for men. Sure, Scarlett Johannsen is in the film (and I liked her better than in other films I've seen) but it's really not about her. She's just the vessel for the mens' fantasies (incestuous, parental, romantic, whatever). I enjoyed the film while watching it.
  • The Woodsman - - stunning, though not for everyone due to its content. Kevin Bacon plays a sex offender released from prison trying to start his life over. What I really admired about the film (which is based on a play) was the way it articulated a complex spectrum of sexual misconduct both within and external to the family unit. The image of the pedophile or sex offender is one of the ultimate monsters in our current popular culture -- and yet countless children are preyed upon not by strange men in overcoats loitering by the schoolyard, but by siblings, parents, uncles, cousins, etc. I thought this film was subtle and real, whereas other movies on related themes (L.I.E. comes to mind) tend to eventually go for (melo)drama. And how great to see Kevin Bacon getting a serious role for a change.
  • Wicker Park (DVD) -- so bad I couldn't watch past the first 17 minutes. I wanted to like it -- Josh Hartnett, Chicago scenery, a kind of wanna-be arty feel to it. But incoherent and not worth my time.
  • Cellular (DVD) -- thoroughly enjoyable thriller -- neatly satirizing the inconveniences of modern life (cell technology first and foremost, but also airport security queues, freeway traffic, etc). And you don't often get to see William H Macy as an action hero...
Late last night I was musing to myself about how the main problem with getting up early in the morning is that it makes it hard to stay up late at night. Then I thought, well if only there was something you could take so you didn't have to sleep. Oh, yeah, that's called caffeine. Though it hasn't quite been doing enough for me lately. Maybe I can catch up a bit on sleep this weekend.