think good house thoughts for us

I think we found our new place this morning! We'll meet with the owners tomorrow and sign the lease if they approve of us as tenants.

It's a beautiful old house -- they've owned it for 48 years and kept it in wonderful condition. It's much, much larger than our current space, with lots of windows and wood floors. It's big enough that we could actually have people over for dinner or to watch movies -- something we can't do in our current tiny cottage. (Who knows, maybe we're not entirely reclusive by choice -- it might be partly our living space.)

Wheeee! So if this works out, we'll be moving in two weeks. Just before I start teaching again. Yes, it'll be crazy and stressful. But when is moving NOT stressful and chaotic?

So, my plan is this.
(1) grade exams, calculate final grades, turn them in (by Monday)
(2) finish a long-overdue project (by Thursday)
(3) go out of town to see my mother (next weekend)
(4) pack up our house in a week
(5) move.
(6) start summer school and my new fantasy summer life. (In support of that fantasy, let me just point out that in the new place my study would not also have to be the laundry room, and I'd have great space to do yoga at home!)

And the new house is cheaper on rent, though the difference might even out with the utilities. But it won't be more than what we're currently playing.

So here's hoping that nothing happens to jinx it between now and tomorrow. . .