where oh where has my little brain gone?

no, seriously. I don't know when I last thought critically about anything of consequence. Well, OK, I did read a couple of articles the other day when my students were taking their finals, but the articles weren't for my current research, just general stuff that I'd picked up because I thought I might blog about something related some day. Have I done that yet? No. What have I done? I'm not even really sure. The week went by in a blur of meetings, grading, exams, and life stuff.

It's not like I've been taking time "off" or like I'm yet completely done with the semester. I've been incredibly busy, and getting things done, but my brain feels like a hamster running in a wheel round and round.

I'm not good at transitions: once the semester is done, once I'm into my summer routine, then things will be better.

And I'm really not good at uncertainty. We decided we might want to move; we started looking around for a new place. But we don't have to move, and we haven't given notice on our current place. So on the one hand, I'm going to be making calls early tomorrow and setting up appointments to visit some houses. On the other, I'm supposed to NOT be thinking about packing and moving and instead be focusing on my work. Kinda tough for me to do.

Plus, at the end of next week we have to go out of town for a long weekend which is stressful and not going to be fun.

End of term exhaustion plus possible move looming plus an imminent visit to my mother. No wonder I can't focus to get anything done.

in the morning it will all look different, right?