arrgh. (your input needed)

OK, so I got my brand-new car on Thursday, right?

Yesterday (Monday) as I was in the right turn lane, waiting for the through traffic to thin (I had the red light, they had the green), in order to turn onto the main street leading into campus, I was rear-ended by a girl anxious to get to her final exam.


She claimed that didn't have her insurance card with her, that her husband takes care of it and that it was his truck. That she had taken him to the airport and that she didn't know his cell number and didn't have her phone with her because she was going to her exam (which I find dubious since she was extremely pregnant). Sure, maybe all that was true. Or maybe she doesn't have insurance.

The damage to my car was very minimal -- two small scrapes on the rear bumper. (The front bumper on her truck was actually much more damaged, which says something for my new car I guess.) If my car were a couple years old I would not even think about getting it fixed. But my car was only 3 days old. Arrggh.

My neck is still sore, too, but I can move it in all directions and a couple more days of yoga and ibuprofen will clear it up.

Two questions I want your input on, dear readers:
(1) should I bother to get the scrapes fixed? or should I just say, well, my car is now lived in, and I'm happy it was nothing worse, and that's what bumpers are for. (i.e., will this really lead to rust and evil decay? bear in mind that I'm planning on keeping my car for at least 10 years, not likely to turn around and sell it in a couple.)

(2) and if yes to #1, how hard do I try to pursue this girl and get her insurance (if she has any) to pay for the repair? (she was supposed to call me after she talked to her husband, but she didn't. I have her phone # etc, but haven't called her yet )

UPDATE Wed 5/11: my neck is fine today after hot yoga and an application of arnica last night. So it's really about the car, not about me.