I'm looking forward to...

So I give my last final exam tomorrow, and therefore have to finish grading this stack of papers by noon. Somehow, I know I'll get through them all. And I've decided this term to dispense with my ritual self-flagellation about why I didn't grade them a week ago, etc. Instead, I'm going to focus on fantasies: all those dreams and ideas about how glorious the summer will be, how different it will be from regular life.
  • I'll get more sleep
  • I'll have a neat and well-organized office
  • I'll go to yoga 6 times a week
  • My brain cells will be supercharged with brilliant ideas that flow easily onto the page
  • I'll work my way through my "fun" reading stack
Mmmm. Yeah. Summer. I can almost see it if I peek around the corner of my pile of grading.