it's ours!

We signed the lease this morning on the new house! Yay!!!

So now it'll be REALLY crazy for a couple of weeks. But the payoff is well worth it. The house is so beautiful. And our new landlords seem perfect: they don't want to be meddling in our business, yet they've taken really good care of the property.

Our current place has been really nice -- we've been here for four years and there's lots I love about it. We got to paint the rooms whatever colors we wanted. The yard is huge and has been fun for our puppy. The house itself is tiny, but we've been happy here, until the past six months or so.

Things I won't miss about our current place:
  • the hippies two houses down who have jamborees in their backyard with fully amplified bands every other Sunday as soon as the weather starts getting nice. It's so loud I can't concentrate to read or write, even with all our windows shut.
  • the leaking pipe under the sink that never could be properly fixed
  • growing tension with the couple who are our landlords, who were our friends before we moved here. They're increasingly hostile with each other as their relationship disintegrates and so we and their other friends/tenants get caught in the middle.
  • the herd of stray cats taking over the block due to Crazy Cat Lady down on the corner, who has at least 20+ cats that she feeds and never spays/neuters.
  • the construction that will start this summer as the developers tear down and rebuild across the street. (Three lots sold to them already; who knows how many more they'll get -- this particular company has beenvery agressive in this neighborhood.)
It's definitely time to move. And amazingly it all worked out with really only one week of searching.

I hate the upheaval of moving, but I'm feeling really happy about what the end result will be.

Now that we've signed the lease, and made a scouting trip to look at washers/dryers and bookcases, I guess I really don't have any excuses any longer for being distracted from grading the final exams. Time to put this semester to bed.