Sunday list

Profgrrrrl is cleaning up and PowerProf has a long task list before her classes start. Myself, I'm torn between my professional responsibilities and dealing with the state of our house.

We (me, my partner, and 2 dogs) live in a TINY little house, which dates from a period when people didn't have closets built into their walls. Two very insufficient closets were added later on, but storage options are pretty limited. We've added wardrobes from IKEA that totally changed my life -- my clothes are all in one place, and actually in the bedroom! and I've been creative with bookshelves etc. But all of this means that we have to regularly purge stuff or we will be overwhelmed. I actually think this is a really good thing, since my genetic heritage and early childhood training was to keep everything.

So, it's the beginning of a new year AND we have a houseguest coming in 3 weeks. So I've got the clean & purge bug. Though some of those tasks are going to have to be spread out over the next couple weekends. What's actually possible/necessary for today:

  • Make work plan for the week
  • Half an hour minimum reviewing and sorting materials for my current article
  • Scan, scan, scan a zillion readings for my grad class
  • Finish updating WebCT sites and my general university site (which I've been redoing in CSS) [made some good progress though not finished yet]
Life Maintenance Projects:
  • Weed out my clothes again: just say no to faded black pants and anything from my first or second year of teaching. Jeez. I could really use some wardrobe updates...
  • Hem my new black pants. This is a major stall in the updating process -- I bought them (2 pairs end of last spring, 2 pairs last week) but haven't been able to wear them yet.
  • Sorting/filing/updating financial records, bills, flex medical account stuff, etc. Blech.
  • gym
House projects:
  • Laundry: clothes, towels, sheets, rugs, dog beds, dog blankets, dog towels
  • Vacuuming: floors AND furniture (sigh) [nope, but I swept]
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen surfaces/stove
  • Deal with weird piles of stuff in our hallway/laundry-utility area
Actually that doesn't seem too bad. Tonight we'll have one of our favorite (and easy to make) meals and watch a movie together, which should stave off the Sunday grumps. I hope, anyway.

update: there's always tomorrow.