list misc

There's this thing called del.icio.us which describes itself as a "social bookmarks manager". Basically it lets you share your bookmarks with other people, which I find completely incomprehensible as to why I would want to (sorta like downloading songs on my cell). But I understand that other people enjoy, maybe even need, to do this.

But today, as I'm catching up on blogs (being more than 12 hours behind, gasp) I'm thinking how comforting it is to see everybody's lists. Maybe this is the academic equivalent of bookmark trading.

So, which of these many things shall I actually do today?
  • go to afternoon yoga, having got up too groggy to go to the morning session [No, but I went to the gym instead]
  • go shopping for some new teaching clothes because my old favorites are showing their age
  • work on the massive reorganization project in my home office
  • think about syllabi? [a little]
  • laundry & vacuuming
  • take dogs to park
  • work even a little bit on current research/writing project
  • read blogs, comment, post some more
  • cook something good for dinner since I've been eating weird miscellaneous food the past 2 days

I really, really want to go shopping. There are back to school sales! it's that time of year! get in the spirit! Damn, I'm just a slave of capitalism. But I haven't bought any new teaching clothes in a very long time. And the jeans and t-shirts I wear all summer just won't cut it in 2 weeks. The question is whether I just get off my ass now and go before it's mid-day, or force myself to "do work or chores" first. Which might mean I never go.