credit where it is due

I realize that in my last two posts I have inadvertantly adopted a mannerism of one of my favorite blog reads, Mimi Smartypants. (the use of exclamation marks! in series! etc!)

Let it be widely known that Mimi Smartypants invariably makes me laugh, often out loud. She is way funnier than David Sedaris (and I mention this only because she has a book deal in progress based on her blog). I thought I was the only person who had ever spilled a whole bottle of olive oil -- but I was certainly not nearly so funny about it.

You could start almost anywhere on her blog -- and since she frequently cross-references, you can jump back a year or more too with no apparent loss of fresh humor ingredients.

But here's a good sequence:
  1. start here
  2. next
  3. third
(these are consecutive so you can also just click to the next one yourself)

So, I may not be able to eradicate the exclamation marks because I really kinda like them . . . but I wanted to provide adequate citation for the habit.