b4 tues

Definitely time for another list. My first teaching day will be Tuesday -- which, since my grad class is that day, will actually require real teaching, and not just "hi, this is how the course works, etc."
So what is absolutely crucial?
  • finish drafting reading schedule for the new grad class [well, I chose the readings today but haven't finished arranging them]
  • decide on assignments for the new class
  • Update syllabus for my repeat undergrad class and squeeze it into this term's calendar (big mystery to me why sometimes we have 14 weeks, sometimes 15...)
  • proofread and photocopy syllabi (probably over the weekend, since the copier will surely be broken down by Monday)
  • update my web site (and move it to my new account on a better server)
  • meet with librarian about class visit
  • scan and create PDFs of supplemental readings [did three of them]
  • upload files into WebCT (which is down until Friday, thanks to whoever decided a system upgrade would be a great activity in the week before classes start)
  • prepare first day lecture/activity for grad class
  • Haircut! I hate to go into the first week all shaggy
  • Go to stupid overpriced watch shop and get new battery (since the clerks at Target couldn't manage to open the back of my watch today)
  • get leaking tire patched
  • do a lot of yoga and maybe see a couple movies?

I have a zillion other things on the wish list, but these are the absolute requirements. Whew. Guess I'd better get some sleep.

Update: I did a lot of work today but I haven't been able to cross off that many things. But my new prep is pulling together.