on procrastination

Well, I have just spent the last two hours simply hanging around, half-watching a movie with my gf, instead of getting right down to the class prep tasks that I ought to do tonight. Why is this?? Several possible answers:
  1. I don't really need to do these tasks tonight -- I can do them in the morning before class tomorrow. (I teach afternoon and night classes.)
  2. According to my favorite procrastination self-help book (Neil Fiore's The Now Habit), most procrastination stems from one of 3 core reasons: fear of success, fear of failure, or resentment of authority. It's the last one that usually gets me regarding teaching stuff. Not authority, per se, but resentment all the same. Resenting the intrusion of the institution and my students into my home, my weekend, my evening, whatever (this usually comes up when I have papers to grade). (Just because I'm admitting to my procrastination doesn't mean you shouldn't read this book -- it's actually been incredibly helpful to me at certain times. Maybe I'm due for a re-reading.)
  3. I actually thrive on the adrenalin of doing it all tomorrow.
  4. This is part of the transition into the new semester and its new schedule.
  5. I'm tired.
  6. I'm bored.
I think it's bits and pieces of all of the above. Obviously, this isn't career-threatening procrastination. Just incredibly irritating. And I am sitting at the computer now, so once I finish this I'll write up some new notes for tomorrow's first class, take care of administrivia, and reread the essays for my other class.

The worst problem about procrastinating, which Fiore is quite eloquent about, is that you don't fully enjoy whatever it is that you're doing while procrastinating, since you feel bad/guilty about it. So it is actually better just to start doing something.

Here I go.