Hi. Have you met my depression? Allow me to introduce you. My depression is a 70-pound blob of green mucus named Ed. Sometimes he disappears for a while but then when I least expect it, Ed's back, just lounging on my shoulder and blobbing around and taking over all my brain space when in fact I REALLY NEED my brain cells today, thank you very much.

You know those ads that used to run on tv for some anti-depressant (paxil?) that would show this really cute little sad blob who had social anxiety? and then blob takes pills and hops around with the flowers. Well, my depression blob ain't half so cute. He's made of green mucus, after all.

I just looked up the difference between mucus and mucous. One's the noun and the other is mostly used as an adjective (i.e., mucous membrane). In case anyone else cares.

Rrggh. I'm going to go drink coffee in the hopes of scaring Ed away so I can get some reading done.