killah G

Well, she finally did it. All those hours of chasing and leaping in the yard paid off. She actually caught and killed a squirrel today. I wasn't home, but my partner was. Our puppy ran excitedly inside the house and jumped on our bed with something that my girlfriend first thought was a plush stuffed squirrel-shaped toy. But it was a bit larger than a toy. Turned out it was a dead squirrel on our bed. Yeccchhhh. Puppy was mighty proud of herself. (she's not really a puppy any longer, she's 2 years old, but she's still the baby of the family)

So my gf gets some major points for dead animal removal today.

G., our puppy, has really strong hunting and chasing instincts, much more so than our older dog. If she breaks out of the yard, it's in order to chase one of the stray cats that walk teasingly just outside our fence. She's super fast, all lean muscle and energy. I know it's her instinct that led her to catch the squirrel and kill it -- but as a mostly-buddhist vegan pacifist, it also kind of freaks me out. G is my child, and I love her completely. But I don't want her to kill other living creatures.

So we do our best to keep her away from the stray cats. And until now, we've always assumed the squirrels could easily escape her grasp. I just don't want our yard to become a killing field.