bits and pieces from Xmas

  • In a break from our usual tradition, we held Dog Christmas and opened our own gifts around midnight of Xmas Eve -- we had to get up early (for us) today in order to get over to my gf's father's house today. It was fun, but I think I prefer the chance to lounge around in bed with coffee and presents instead.
  • I got up extra early, feeling very traditionally wife-ish, to do the cooking. I didn't have to do much: make chickpea-oat bake for we vegans, and a cranberry-apple crisp for dessert for everybody. We also brought rolls, but we bought them.
  • Spent several hours with my girlfriend's family: dad, brother & his fiance, and her paternal grandparents. Her grandparents are still going strong, although it's kind of scary that they still drive. Her grandfather doesn't hear much, partly because he leaves his hearing aid turned down. So grandma yells in his direction every so often. Then we'll get a piercing wail of feedback as he turns up the aid. It's sweet that they still have each other (into their 80s). But you also wonder what it's like for them, seeing their friends die off, feeling themselves getting out of touch with the world. But they're not the kind of people you could talk to about such things. So we just observe, and wonder what it will be like for us if we make it to their age.
  • Went to the dog park, which was fun.
  • Saw Lemony Snicket -- great look to the film -- the clothing, sets, etc. And I have to love a story with characters named Baudelaire! but it's not a must-see.
  • Our DVD collection has grown substantially this Xmas. There's something very comforting to know that I now have so many of my favorite 80s movies right at my fingertips . . .
  • I'm feeling kind of tired and glumpy now. Didn't get enough green veggies or enough protein today, plus it's a full moon. But I'm sure the issue is really more the holiday. It's kind of tough to spend it with someone else's family, even though I haven't spent it with my own since 1991. It's always kind of a weird day. I'm ready for tomorrow's quotidian routine.