Reasons I'm feeling blah:
  • I'm not yet 100% better -- I still have a cough, still get tired pretty easily. Being sick always makes me kind of depressed, not feeling like myself, not able to do my usual routine.
  • Because I've been sick, and so has my gf -- it seems as though there's nothing very interesting to report.
  • Everyone else in the blogosphere is full of thoughts and I'm just not.
  • The semester is over but not over -- I don't have to teach any more classes, so that's nice -- but last week and the next 2 are really overloaded with extra stuff -- meetings, defenses, grading, etc. The end is in sight but there's a heavy slog until that point.
  • The house is a mess, because it's end of semester and I've been sick.
  • My study at home is an even worse mess. I have big plans for reorganizing etc during the winter break, but I can't really do all that until I'm done with everything else.
  • I haven't done anything creative in days.
  • I haven't done much yoga or exercise aside from 60-90 minute walks with the dogs. I'm easing back into my home routine, but I haven't been to a yoga class in 8 days -- I don't have the stamina yet for a full Bikram class, or the ability not to cough for 90 minutes.
  • PMS
I'm going to take the dogs to the park and then go to a matinee later this afternoon to try and bust out of this rut. I've got things I need to do, and I'm sick of feeling so droopy. I'm also really sick of being sick.