F**in cold

It is really cold here today. For our climate and our architecture, that is. I know there are plenty of people who routinely deal with worse weather -- in fact, I used to be one of them. But here's the thing: you experience temperature in a relative kind of way. If you're used to 50, then 30 feels cold. If you're used to 30, then that's normal. Etc. Plus you really do have to factor in how the buildings are made. When I lived in Chicago, for instance, we usually had to have the windows open because the radiators were blasting (we had no control over them in our building) and because the building was well-insulated. It's not like that in some other cities...here, when it is cold, you really feel it.

Anyway, this seems like a good day to wrap a few presents, drink tea, and try to read on the couch. I've got too much antsyness about work to just blow off another whole day. So I'm going to try and read. Though I'm not having a lot of success so far today getting focused...Tonight we'll go to a family party, and much of tomorrow will be family time as well. Then, I really do need to get organized about how I'm spending my break time, or it will slip away from me.

happy Eve, everybody!