Actually, I got back from my trip late yesterday afternoon. But I've barely had any downtime since then. Got into town, took the dogs to the park, cleaned up the house and cooked dinner, then we went out to a movie. Got home, crashed. Got up early this morning to go to yoga, then my gf and I went out to complete our holiday shopping. Got home, walked dogs, changed clothes, had to go to a family party thing. Whew.

Though really, it's not that bad. Considering how much rushing around most people do this time of year. I don't have to buy gifts for very many people, or cook for 40, or bake a zillion cookies. Basically we got it all done online and today.

My trip to see my friend was good -- we just hung out, went to a museum, ate some good food. Nice to have a marker of the semester's end. I have a lot of things I want to do over the winter break -- I need some days off, but also have work and personal projects I'd like to make some progress on. First, though, I have to do some basic catching up -- laundry, household chores, blogging . . . between the end of the semester and then leaving town for a couple of days, I feel incredibly behind on the basics.

So tomorrow's plan I think looks something like this: yoga, read blogs, office, dogs, read blogs . . . One thing I noticed, as I was talking to my friend over the weekend, was how often I wanted to start sentences "I have a friend who..." or "Someone told me..." referring to those of you whose blogs I read regularly. And I really missed my daily checking in on people's lives, being off line for a couple of days. (In point of fact, I did say those sentences -- I just was sort of vague about how I know such people -- not wanting to explain it was all blog-related, since I'm sort of keeping my blog a secret from my academic IRL friends so as to preserve the thin veil of pseudonymity I'm still clinging to.)

More coherent thoughts tomorrow, I hope. (as I guess you're hoping too...)