not my usual workout

When you've spent the last three days hacking up mucous, as I have, it really works some deep abdominal muscles. I do plenty of ab work, but the coughing located some muscles I don't usually use. My abs are now sore from coughing so much. That's ridiculous but true.

In good news, I'm slowly getting better. Felt like the walking crud at the office today, but it was an interesting conversational test piece:
Colleague 1: "oh, you've got what I had last week. And it lingers (coughs to prove it). I had to go home and sleep in between my classes." (followed by more sympathy)
Colleague 2: "How was your holiday?" (I cough and say "good, until I got sick") "Guess mine was better than yours!"
Colleague 3: "People always wonder if they're sick or if it's allergy." (me: "well, since I had a high fever, I know I'm sick") "And you know what? it's both! ha ha!"

In case you couldn't figure it out, Colleague #1 would best be able to pass in the so-called "real world." She's also disliked by many of her peers for her sophistication, professionalism, and social conservatism. (I disagree with her on most political issues, but we have a good working relationship anyway.) Colleague #2 is one of my favorite old guys on the hallway. I think this counts as "banter." Colleague #3 has been embittered by the system.
{Last comment edited a bit this morning to be less cranky.)