scattered thoughts

It was oddly comforting to go into campus today, since most of my colleagues were equally depressed.

I never really thought we'd win. And yet I'm feeling down. I'm glad it was as close as it was, at least in some states. That suggests that there is some basis for trying to do the serious work that the left needs to do in this country. But what I've found especially depressing is all the bullshit about moral values. All this spin, now, to try and divert attention away from the global and economic issues.

I vote every year. I wonder what this will do to all those people who voted for the first time this year. Will they shrug and turn away from the process? Will they try to get involved? Can we get a new process? (Since I'm not so thrilled with what the Democratic party's been offering us lately.)

When I voted on Tues, there was a guy there who was very confused about how to do each step of the process -- he was next to me at the check-in table, and then in an e-booth next to me asking for help from the attendant. He was 56 years old and had never voted before. He voted for Kerry. What's he going to do now? I fear that all that vaunted increase in voter turnout is just going to dissipate.