best decision so far this week

Since last Wednesday, I've had to go to the vet twice (with two different dogs, one for annual shots and the other for a more troubling vomiting issue), take my car in (for oil change), and my car is now scheduled for more major work for later in this week. And I was supposed to go to the dentist this Wednesday. So I postponed the dentist. There's only so much life maintenance I can handle in a ten day period. Whew.

But my honey is back at home! since 4:30 this a.m. So maybe life will start to return to its regular groove.

Now, if I were a betting person, given the weather and the time of semester, I would predict that approximately one-third of my students will not show up for class today, and that of those who are there, about one-third will not have done the reading. Let's hope I'm wrong.