I am now going to have to Jump in the the shower, Throw on clothes, Drive quickly to campus in order to Hurriedly finish a Meaningless Administrative Task for my noon meeting. Crap. crap. crap. I actually got up early enough this morning to get to school with plenty of time. But then I hung around with my honey and the dogs, and then Error of Errors I started catching up on blogs. I don't get to read any on Tuesdays because I am embroiled in teaching prep & teaching for approximately 13 hours. By the time I get home all I can do is crash on the couch.

As it is I've barely read any (why are you all so prolific?) and don't have anything to say on my own except this ridiculous whine. Won't get to read blogs again (there's got to be a special verb for that, right? since "to blog" means writing) until late tonight. Sigh. That pesky job thing keeps getting in the way.

I'm definitely wearing jeans and boots today. That will at least give me some kick-ass attitude.

off I go.