let them be barking at nothing, please

Julie recently wrote about her watchcat going on the alert early one morning. For the last ten minutes, our dogs have been barking and running from one door to the other. Now, this could be due to one of the neighborhod stray cats. Or it could be something more menacing. Normally I wouldn't be that weirded out -- after all, our dogs bark at anything or anyone who comes near our house. Which in our neighborhood is a good thing. But last night, we were all in the front room watching TV and suddenly our younger dog started aggressively barking at the front door. My gf peeked out the side window and saw that there was a guy standing on our front porch! This was like 9:30 pm, totally dark outside, etc. Very disturbing. He went away after a couple minutes, probably because the dogs were barking. But it kind of freaked us out.

We have an alarm system, of course, and we have two dogs. All our neighbors have dogs. So stuff rarely happens around here without someone being alerted. But still.