Scrivener's Meme

Scrivener's Meme: Ten Things I've Never Done That You Probably Have

1. Never gone skiing
2. Never eaten sushi
3. Never went backpacking in Europe
4. Never read any books by Ayn Rand
5. Never saw Ghostbusters
6. Never slept with a member of the opposite sex
7. Never ridden a bicycle without training wheels
8. Never worked as a waitress/waiter
9. Never visited any Disney park
10. Never cheated on an exam

Anybody out there my complete match?

This was hard to do, without copying items from Scrivener or profgrrrl. But fun in an inside-out-way-of-thinking kind of way.

Yeah, I should be prepping a lecture right about now. but noooooo....I'm playing around on the internet. Bad professor. Bad, bad, bad.