friday report

Errfff. What a week this was. Not bad, exactly, though it had its moments -- just long and filled with a lot of meetings and stuff that I don't usually have to deal with. If the last two Fridays are at all representative, though, I'm going to have to make Friday my day off from working out as well as my day off from work, because I'm just so damn tired. Today was the 2nd Friday in a row that I just about melted down around 4 o'clock because I needed a nap. From the beginning, today didn't quite go as planned.
  • got up after only 6 hours of sleep (more than I've gotten the past couple of nights), leaving partner and both dogs fast asleep. Neither dog even wanted to get up. Of course they'd gotten me up earlier, around 5:00, to go do their business. But still, c'mon. Nothing harder to leave than a pile of sleeping family.
  • breakfast, throwing stuff in bag for a day of productive relaxation, dealing with work emails
  • take car in to shop for oil change and routine maintenance
  • walk to yoga, conveniently located a few blocks away from my auto place. Get there and realise that although I have my mat, towels, shampoo, etc, I do not have my yoga clothes. AAGGH.
  • now have to find some other way to fill 2 1/2 hours before I can pick up my car (because they were already doing me a favor to work me into the schedule, and I'd told them I wouldn't be back til noon, after class). Am really pissed off at my stupid tired brain. Luckily I have a book in my bag, so I walk to cafe, schlepping all my yoga stuff.
  • sit at cafe and read, semi-distracted by (a) my irritation at not being at yoga; (b) people speaking French, which causes my brain to try to understand them but my spoken French isn't really good enough, so I just hear every 6th word, something like "well..always...never..of course..here..we...thank you"; (c) women with armloads of children.
  • feeling really grungy, I walk over to the branch of my gym that is in the area and wash up, feeling like a cheater since I didn't actually work out. But hey, I had the towel and shampoo.
  • walk to pick up my car. At my car place now when you pick it up, they give you a bottle of water. It's some new marketing thing, I guess -- they put their name on the label. And in my mind, it totally works. I love mymechanic anyway -- but when the receptionist hands me a bottle of water I just feel so touched and grateful. (Even more so when I've just worked out, but I was still happy to get the water today.) It seems really sweet and human, somehow. Caring. (I am one of those people who drinks 1-2 gallons a day, so water is really important.)
  • go grab quick lunch at the natural foods store
  • meet gf and friend at the early matinee of Constantine. I enjoyed it -- I know people love to slam Keanu but he's perfect for this role. Visually the film is wonderful -- esp Tilda Swinton as an androgynous angel Gabriel. The angels and demons are of course way more visually interesting than the humans. My gf and her friend complained that there wasn't enough action -- but I didn't see it that way. After all, spiritual conflict has to take a different form than plain ol' physical battles. And there are some spectacular special effects. I'm not Catholic, and you don't have to be to enjoy the film, but it probably heightens the flavor a bit. But I've been really interested in the popularity of exorcism/miracle/apocrypha movies over the past few years. This is a good one.
  • went home, melted down, took a nap
  • dogs to the park
  • dinner with gf
  • stopped by the video store, now we're home noodling on the computers. If I can stay awake we'll watch a movie.
A nice day off, but I was too tired to fully enjoy some of it. And I never made it to yoga.

On the list for tomorrow: grading, grading, grading. Ugh.