1 down, 2 to go

It's feast or famine with us, as regards socializing. My partner and I can go for many weeks without social commitments with other people -- and then, all at once, we have many obligations. Like this weekend: last night, we had to go to a play directed by a friend's girlfriend. Tonight, we are having dinner with a colleague of mine and her husband -- we have cancelled or changed plans with them far too many times, so it's really important that we see them this week. And then tomorrow we are supposed to drive up to the far north suburbs to attend an Academy Awards party with a friend/colleague of my gf's. Whew. That's a lot, for two introverts who have a lot of work to do.

The play was ok -- though actually it was a musical, one of my least favorite cultural forms. I'd rather watch . . . wrestling? nose flautists? . . . almost anything but musicals. But some of the singers were talented, and they had a lot of energy and excitement about this show. And I understand why it appeals to the 20-something theater types. But it's not my scene.

Today seems to be slipping through my fingers awfully fast...I went to yoga, bought a new pair of running shoes, have done some laundry & chores. Need to do some writing and some grading before we meet them for dinner so that the day isn't a total wash.