How to Celebrate Mud Festival

(by G and W, guest bloggers)

This is the time of year when we celebrate Mud Festival. We are especially happy this year because our big golden retriever friend L is also staying with our pack for a week. Mud Festival is better with friends!

First, you have to check and make sure if your yard has enough good-quality mud. Our yard produces excellent mud, as you'll see in the picture.

Here are some tips on how to enjoy it:
  • if you jump into a big puddle of water, it will make a great splash! Puddles dry up first, so get in there early!
  • we like to play "chase the puppy" through the mud, because slipping and sliding is fun!
  • if your toys are covered in mud, pick them up and shake them -- you'll get a nice spattering of mud everywhere!
  • mud wrestling was invented by dogs before people went and commercialized it-- reclaim your heritage!
  • if you can sneak back into the house without Mama hearing you, you can get mud on the floor and couch, too!
The only downside to mud festival is that Mama is always rubbing our feet with the towel and running the darn washing machine all the time. We think that maybe Mama doesn't love Mud Festival as much as we do, but we have caught her smiling sometimes.