blah. bleh. pluh.

Reasons why I'm feeling pretty pluh today:
  • I was supposed to get up at the crack of dawn (well, 7:30 which is awfully early for me) so that I could take care of a bunch of scanning for one of my classes, do some work on my own writing, and finish skimming the reading for my other class. But I absolutely, positively, Could Not Get Vertical. So then I sort of slept and dozed for 2 1/2 more hours. (my classes aren't til afternoon) So now I'm behind on the stupid crap, behind on my own work, and have to prep class and get out the door. More rested, but more cranky.
  • it's gray and rainy.
  • I wrote two long thoughtful posts earlier this week and now have nothing left to say.
  • midterm season sucks.
  • there's nothing good in the fridge to take for my lunch.
  • yesterday was Day of a Thousand Meetings which effectively wiped my brain.
  • haven't been to yoga class since Monday. Will go do 15 mins of home practice to attempt to change my attitude. Though part of me obviously just wants to wallow in the suckiness of today.