• If only I had a keyboard invisibly and magically attached to my mind, I could show you all those posts I wrote this past week, invariably while showering, driving, or sitting in meetings. Now, even unwritten as they are, they seem stale and dried out. But considering that it's midnight (or later if you're still on "the time that it was before it changed") I don't have much in the way of freshly squeezed posts either.
  • All the mean comments this past week (which I read too late to get involved in, natch) about junior faculty going on the market are awfully disheartening. Dr C handled it fabulously well, but I would imagine several dozen junior (and not so junior) people's paranoia levels have risen to supreme stress levels. Academic departments are not families -- either of the biological sort or the mobster sort. So if you want to consider leaving, you can and should. And it's really no one else's business.
  • Today, yoga class kicked my ass. It didn't help that a rambunctious screen door had slammed me in the kidney yesterday, or that I had to detoxify some fried veggie chips out of my system. But I think it would have been a tough one no matter what. And, as lousy as I felt during the experience (nauseous, shaky, the whole bit) , it was kind of a welcome reminder about what I love about Bikram yoga. It stretches me to my limits, and makes all the other things that seem tough seem a bit more manageable. And I know tomorrow's class will be easier. It always is.
  • I love this time change. It's so rare that I look at my watch and actually think "hey, I have MORE time than I thought" -- usually only when I'm having a rare manic insomnia episode. Most of my life is spent with all timepieces set 5-15 minutes ahead because I'm going to be slightly late otherwise. Unfortunately, after a few days the freshness will probably wear off and I'll be struggling to get up before 6 again.