80s 80s 80s

New Kid started a Bad 80s Clothes thread, which I just have to follow up on. I did sport some truly horrendous 80s looks:
  • denim mini skirt, black T-shirt, and black Reebok hightops (now back!)
  • the fuschia sweatshirt minidress -- just a big huge sweatshirt, really
  • huge, huge, HUGE shirts over leggings
  • stripes and patterns together
  • neon
  • rock n roll eyeliner (black, purple, silver...)
  • ruffled hippy-peasant skirt with big clunky boots: punk on the prairie
But I had some pretty awesome clothes too, at different points:
  • white shirt with a super- skinny black tie (a la Duran Duran)
  • asymmetrical dangly earrings (I don't think I wore matching earrings for maybe a decade)
  • a mandarin collar pink patterned jacket that was very Prince
  • pointy-toed boots
  • Culture Club t-shirt (one of the best shows ever!)
  • denim jacket festooned with vintage rhinestone brooches
We were at an arty reception thing last night (my gf is an artist so we have to go to stuff like that sometimes) and there was a guy with a little David Bowie Low button pinned in his lapel. In a box somewhere, I must have all my old buttons -- remember the semiotics of adolescent cool?