working at home

So I've decided to work at home today. Most of what I want/need/ought to do can be done from home, and some of it has to be. I like the structure of going in to the office, but sometimes it can be distracting. It's just a different set of distractions than there are at the house. Plus, this is my last chance for a sort-of rebellious day (classes start Monday). Tomorrow I have to have my syllabi finished so I can photocopy them before the machine breaks (which it always does on the first day of classes). So tomorrow I'll be all professional at the office. Today, I'm home, unshowered, in t-shirt & shorts, trying to balance out the course prep with article writing and general organization. Having spent a lot of time at the office lately, it makes working at home seem more pleasant (and the reverse is usually true too).

good things worth remembering about working at home:
  • snacks! and caffeinated beverages of all sorts, ready to hand.
  • I get to be with the dogs -- one's snoozing on my foot right now as I type.
  • I can take care of some irritating life maintenance tasks that are weighing on me (bills, dishes, etc)
  • all my research materials are stored here
  • writing is the greatest thing to be doing, when it's going well. (at the moment I'm still gathering speed for the day, because I stayed up too late working last night and threw off my Virtuous Change My Life plan)
The trick for me is to figure out the right time when I need to get out of the house so as not to feel too squirrelly. I have to go to the post office & the bank, and maybe I'll gather up some reading and hit a cafe too in the late afternoon. But for now, I need to start setting the timer and focusing on the tasks at hand.