psst...I played hooky today. It was the last Monday that I'll be able to, after all. And I've been working an awful lot lately. Plus,my gf had the day off for the first time in 3 weeks. So we went out for noodles, saw a movie, and went to Target. Woo-hoo! school supplies, paper products, and a laundry basket! It was actually a really great day, enhanced by the slight guilty feeling as we go off to a matinee when everyone else is working. (Well, except for the 6 other people also at the 12:30 movie.)

We saw The Island and really liked it. (Yeah, big surpise, I disagree with most reviewers-- again.) If you like this genre of movie (think Dark City, Gattaca, Logan's Run) then you will like this one. If you don't like paranoid SF escape what-is-reality movies, then don't see it. I think too many people saw it because of MacGregor and Johanssen (sp?) rather than being fans of the genre. I actually found Scarlett less annoying than usual (she doesn't have much "acting" to do) and she almost (almost) looks old enough to be the romantic interest of the male lead (unlike so many of her other movies). But luckily clones have their sex drives suppressed so there isn't too much of that. Instead, there's lots of running, fast driving, and explosions. Plus a critique of capitalism, slavery, and unethical medical exploitation. For me, it worked well, since I find the whole notion of organ transplanting icky enough to begin with.

In other news, I appear to have screwed myself for tomorrow's getting up early since it's already midnight. But I've been really good the past few days . . . it's just not fully an ingrained habit yet I guess.