first impressions of the semester

I'm excited about my classes. I'm teaching material that is fairly fresh to me, and which usually gets students engaged. My students seem pretty good, based on the first week's discussion. At least they are enthusiastic. One of my courses is completely new material, in a small-format course, so it will be a great learning experience for me. And, lest my previous post give the wrong impression -- I'd learned 95% of my students' names by today. It's just that those names slip away from me once the semester is over, replaced in semester-term memory with the next group of students.
Being an administrator isn't so bad, at least so far. I know that it will be tougher at other points in the semester, but my job isn't as hard as some of the other admin posts in the department. The strangest thing to adjust to is having my office be up in the main suite. I feel simultaneously a bit disconnected from my colleagues (not that I necessarily chatted that much in the hallway, but I saw more people when my office was there) and also under scrutiny -- there are staff watching me, every time I leave to go to the restroom or to the library or whatever. And I'm not fully up on the finer points of office etiquette, either (when do I have to mention where I'm going or not). So I try to remember to make eye contact and smile (which I can be bad about doing when I'm busy thinking about other things).
First week has been HELL on my Improve My Life routine. I accumulated a massive sleep debt, missed several yoga classes, and basically felt all out of sorts this week. I know that I usually get into the groove of things during week 2, and that first week is usually full of adrenaline. But it's disheartening all the same, since I'd been making good progress.
I need better calendar software. I've never been really satisfied with the built-in Palm app, even though recent versions are better than the original. Here's my wish list, if any of you are Palm users with a recommendation: weekly & monthly views, preferably with graphical blocks that you can color code; integration with To Do list; printable. (I love Shadowplan for listmaking and outlining, but I'll return to built-in ToDos if I get a significantly better calendar app.)
I can feel the semester rhythms starting. That is, tonight the "weekend" begins, since I'm done with teaching for the week. The challenge for me is to try and resist that -- to do some teaching prep every day, instead of waiting until Monday for Tuesday's classes. To do some writing every day, not just on the weekend. I really do believe that this shift will improve my attitude and productivity -- but it's a big shift for me, after years of doing things the night before. A whole lifetime of doing things the night before.