some good things

#1: Finally, someone I used to know googled me and got in touch! (Back in December I mentioned my habit of looking up former friends & acquaintances on google and my shyness about actually emailing anyone. So of course I had discovered what this friend is doing now, and had read his website, but hadn't yet gotten around to emailing him. So I'm very happy to hear from him, especially since I'm going to be going to a conference near to where he lives, so we might even be able to hang out.

#2: I'm done with teaching for the semester!!! Still tons of grading, and job files to read, and meetings to attend, but my weekly schedule just got freed up for a couple of weeks. I'm actually always a bit blue after saying goodbye to all my students (even though I will see them in 10 days for the final) even though I'm equally happy to be done. Mixed feelings.

#3: maybe I can take a nap this afternoon?