go forth and be distracted

All Consuming is back! A few weeks ago, I took my feed off my blog because I'd been having problems trying to update it -- and then Erik Benson explained his server had been compromised. So I just sort of forgot about it until this morning, when as I'm skimming around online while the coffee drips, I see a new feed on someone's blog.

Now you can track movies & music as well. And it's now tag-based, so you can create your own categories. Much more flexible.

Now if only the display script was a little bit more adjustable... but I figured out how to split it into two relevant groups using the tags I've put on things. (scroll down past my bloglist)

Because I really needed to futz around with this today, right? But, seriously, I really enjoy seeing other people's book & movie lists. Right now this seems like a pretty easy way to manage them.