regrouping day

Why I needed that nap yesterday (which I got for maybe 20 minutes)
During the semester, I try to take Friday as my day off/regrouping time. I don't teach on Fridays, and I usually don't have any meetings then either. But yesterday was different -- I had a 10 am meeting (for which I'd stayed up til 1:30 the night before reading post-doc candidate files). Which on its own wouldn't be so bad -- my plan was to go to the meeting, be done in time to get lunch with my gf, play around with the dogs, go to yoga, and then meet some friends for dinner.

But our oldest dog kept me up nearly all night Thursday with what was pretty obviously a UTI (something she's been prone to in recent years) -- she was uncomfortable and restless, kept asking to go outside but then couldn't or wouldn't pee, etc. I think I slept approximately 3 hours total. So then, tired and worried about her, I went to my meeting Friday morning, and to the vet in the afternoon. She got antibiotics and now, only a couple of doses later, she's definitely feeling a lot better. So that's a big relief.

But most of Friday was really a blurry haze -- I'd been on limited sleep already for most of the week, so Thursday night hit me hard.

Saturday = regrouping day
Last week was crazy busy, and next week will be too. So today is my little fenced-off space for doing whatever I want. I can review scholarship applications and grade papers tomorrow. So far today, I slept late (!! yay for sleep!), read the Chronicle and part of a novel, hung out with my gf, played with the dogs, called a friend for her birthday. Later we'll go to the park and maybe to a movie. Aaaahhh. I can almost feel my shoulders relaxing.