countdown to mid-May

  • three more teaching days, including today
  • one more dissertation defense
  • two PhD oral exams
  • 55 post-doc applications to review
  • 42 scholarship award applications to review
  • one more set of final papers to grade
  • final exams to give and grade
  • six different committee meetings of more than one hour's length (already scheduled; more to happen after the initial meetings re scholarships and post-docs)
  • one letter of recommendation for colleague
  • one application for a travel grant
  • departmental student awards presentation and lunch
  • roundtable panel discussion I have to participate in
This is just the leftover, the residue after the past two weeks' flurry of activity. And these are the parts of my job that don't really "count," when our meagre raises are on the table.

Sigh. Time to go get ready for class.