ups and downs

down: I can't wake up this morning. Just can't.
up: GF volunteers to take care of the morning dogwalks for me and I sleep for several more hours.
down: half the day is gone when I do finally wake up.
up: I decide NOT to go into the office, as this is the last day I can get away with that kind of behavior.
down: summer is really ending/ended.
up: I set my goals for the day, trying to achieve something.
Extra UP: I get an email that my new computer has shipped early! (After my hard drive crashed I decided it was finally time to give in to my itch for a new machine. It already needed a new CD drive, and the hard drive, and who knows what else would be next...) FedEx tracker claims it will arrive today!
down: every time I hear a truck outside, or a noise remotely resembling a truck, I go and peek out the window. But it's not FedEx.
up: I get some work done.
down: it starts to thunder and I am the only person in the house. Three dogs, one of whom is very nervous about storms, attach themselves to me. I give up on work and read for one of my classes, since I have to pause every 30 seconds to wipe dog slobber or pet somebody.
up: weather clears
down: FedEx updates their tracker and my package has spent the entire day sitting in a warehouse 5 hours from here. Now it says it will arrive on Saturday.
up: I had a relaxing day in my house
down: I didn't get enough done, and I'm feeling the slow rise of panic about end of summer/beginning of term.
up: I'll still be getting my new computer 6 days earlier than they'd originally said.
down: I have a LOT to do (work, organizing, etc) so that I can play around with it if/when it comes.

yup, I'm all over the emotional map today.