and so it begins

Yesterday was my first actual teaching day, and I'm pretty pleased with my schedule, my courses, and my students. The past two days were a horrible foggy blur since I had a horrendous bout of allergies (just like Julie)
-- or at least I'd prefer to think it was allergies and not a cold (because somehow that seems less my fault -- though of course genetic weakness is hardly a thing to be prized either) (yeah, I know, it's all crazy thinking, but I really, really, HATE to feel sickish) -- in any case, I didn't really sleep Sunday or Monday night because I kept coughing. I was even dreaming about having to cough. And then once I was vertical, I was sneezing and blowing my nose all day long. Not exactly a good way to start off the semester (though I did manage to not have to actually blow my nose in the classroom, which would be kinda embarrassing on the first day). Time will tell whether my husky phlegm-induced Lauren Bacall voice scared the students off on the first day (or made some of them stay?).

But this morning, I woke up feeling rested, and I could breathe easily. There's a little residual chest congestion, but my nose is totally clear, my brain is working again, and I feel like my own self, not Phlegm Monster. Yay! (We did have a weather shift that might have changed the allergens -- or maybe it was a baby cold that my garlic and herbal treatment knocked out-- I'm just happy it's over.)

Now, a day of finishing up all the organizational stuff (gradebook spreadsheet, scanning, WebCT, reserves desk, etc) and I'll be in the teaching groove again.