small manageable bits

I have to make more progress on my course designs today, and I have to manage my rising anxiety and distraction about work, upcoming travel, and the fact that Old Girl is having a biopsy today at the vet hospital. So, here's a list of course related things that I'm going to focus on today and tomorrow:
  • make final choices of readings from textbook for course A
  • read through last year's assignments for course A
  • plan new assignments for course A
  • revise boilerplate for syllabus A
  • calendarize course A
  • plan first day activity for course A
  • write new policies for course B
  • finish revising assignments for course B
  • decide about library trips for course B
  • select supplementary readings for course B
  • revise boilerplate for syllabus B
  • calendarize course B (this is going to be the tricky one)
  • plan first day activity for course B
  • create WebCT module for course A
  • create WebCT module for course B
and my "when all else seems too difficult" list of small tasks:
  • delete/file emails
  • purge filing cabinet

I'll be so much happier once the semester really gets underway. I'm teaching courses I like, updated with some new books, and I have a good schedule. But right now there's a lot to do and I'm feeling distracted.