travel day

Well, I survived my day of travel. It actually wasn't bad at all -- traveling midweek and midday meant that my flight was only 2/3 full. The extra security stuff wasn't an issue either -- it seems as though everyone's attitude was more serious, but my home city airport is always pretty efficient with these things.

I'm now at Conference City, happily ensconced in my hotel rooom -- which has both high-speed internet and cable tv! (The latter is something I don't get at home -- and this hotel actually runs channels I'd want to watch (the last conference hotel I was in didn't have much except sports, sports, and news). So I got to learn all about the evolution of whales on Animal Planet. Yay!)

Downside is that I'm still tinkering with my conference paper. The curse and the benefit of having the laptop. I've never been to a conference before as a laptop person, so this is all new to me -- I got a lot done in the airport etc today, but I suspect it might get tiresome to carry it around all over. And I don't really know how paranoid I need to be about leaving it in my hotel room. None of this is relevant right now, though -- right now I need to get back to work.