I had to go to five different drugstores this week to find my contact lens disinfecting solution. The other stores just didn't have it at all -- some had space on the shelves, but some didn't even have that. Yes, they had other brands, other systems. But I like this one. Finally found two slightly dusty boxes at the grocery store. I'm just hoping that a Target trip this weekend will prove fruitful.

The mascara I've been using for something like 15 years seems to have been discontinued in favor of new super-ultra-pumped-up formulas. The whole reason for buying drugstore mega-brand mascara is that it is widely available and consistent. I hate it when they change these things.

I ordered new running shoes online (since I have big bones and terrible feet, I have to wear special motion control shoes which they don't stock in my size even at the specialty running shops) and when they arrived this week it appears that Saucony has redesigned them. I'm not entirely a fan of the new version.

So, clearly, I am past the freshness date. It's not that I don't like new things, when they are an improvement on the old ways. But once I find something I like, I tend to stick with it.

But, in brighter news, our computer support person let me know that apparently some in the department are getting laptops in addition to their desk machines. . . it's not widely known and depends on what kind of deal you can strike with the Chair. But if I am crafty and successful in my plea, then I could actually have a laptop to use this summer!

I am feeling increasingly paranoid about my blog. More specifically, about the fear that a certain junior colleague who may or may not be a friend of mine (I'm not being coy -- I really can't tell if I think she's in the friend category or not) might have discovered me. Because my fear is that she wouldn't tell me if she did. She would just tell other people. I'm hanging onto my perception that she's so time-conscious she wouldn't waste time online reading about other people's lives. . .

I'm going to have to re-hem a pair of pants I got last fall because I've apparently slimmed down enough that they are now dragging on the floor even with my tall boots on. Yay yoga!