my dog is on drugs

Our eldest, aka The Boss, had surgery today to remove a tumor. We'll know in a few days the full lab results on the thing. This is her second go-round with cancer -- the last time was a couple years ago and she made a full recovery. This time the lump was smaller and the surgery seems to have gone very well. Plus, her bloodwork all came back good. She's a tough little girl and I'm sure she'll be OK, though of course I've been a nervous mom for the past few days about it. So she is glassy-eyed and staring off into space having doggy visions as the anesthesia wears off. Meanwhile her sister Speedy is pacing around wondering why The Boss won't wrestle with her. The real challenge will be in a day or so when The Boss wants to run around and we're supposed to "limit her activity." Hah.